Quartz Crushing Machine Used In Zambia


Zambia is a landlocked country of south-central Africa. It is named by the Zambezi River. With copper ore mine, this country is also called as copper ore country. Besides the copper ore, it also has other mineral ore materials, such as quartz. Crushing machines from SBM used in Zambia quartz crushing line can help clients make high profits.

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The Real Case Analysis in Zambia:

In Zambia, there are several mining sites that adopt SBM crushing machines in quartz processing lines. To learn more thing about SBM quartz crushing machines, here will show you the specific real case analysis for you all:

General Introduction of Quartz Crushing Plant in Zambia:

In 2012, there is a client from Zambia who consults our website and wants to order the quartz ore crushing machines from SBM for his processing line. When the engineers learn the specific processed material and the detailed mining site location, they design the following advanced and most suitable crushing plant machines for this client. It includes jaw crusher machine, impact crusher and the vibrating screen, other kinds of auxiliary machines. The clients want to get three different size final materials and the engineer suggests the two-deck vibrating screen machine.

Detailed Working Process Of Quartz Processing Line:

In quartz processing line, it will need the jaw crusher, cone crusher and other auxiliary machines, such as vibrating feeder, vibrating screen and belt conveyor. First of all, the quartz stone will be taken to the jaw crusher machine evenly and continuously. Under the function of jaw crusher machine, the crushed quartz will be sent to the cone crusher for the secondary crushing process. After these, the two-deck vibrating screen will separate the quartz into different sizes. The desired parts will be collected for other application and the other undesired ones will be crushed again. They will be taken to crusher machine under the function of belt conveyor.

Customer Feedback and Evaluation:

¡°The crushing plant for sale used in Zambia quartz mining site has stable working situation and has efficient capacity. The experts design the specific production line for our quartz processing site depending on our specific production requirements. The online workers can talk to you in English. Please feel free to talk to them. I order the machines from the website and they SBM provide us all around service.

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