Bestselling Hammer Crusher in Zambia


The hammer crusher machine is for hard and fragile materials and it can process materials with capacity of 5-150tph. In the specific production line, the feeding size will be from 600mm to 1200mm. For processing different size materials, this hammer crusher machine is the bestselling one and welcomed by clients in Zambia.

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Hammer Crusher Structure:

The hammer crusher for sale is designed for new processing method in mineral ore production line. Learning the structure of this machine is very useful for clients to have a good understanding of its specific production. This hammer crusher machine includes the following parts: sieve palte, rotor plate, outlet, center shaft, studdle, supponing ring, feed nozzle, hammer, impact plate, scleboard, linder.

Customer Benefits of Hammer Crusher Machine:

The hammer crusher machine for sale can be used to crush mineral ore materials in dry or wet way. In Zambia, it is mainly used for mineral ore mining plant and building materials processing industry. In the specific production line, SBM¡¯s bestselling hammer crusher has the following excellent benefits:

  • The hammer crusher machine has simple working process. The engineers have reduced the two or three crushing stages into single one;
  • It can reduce the materials from 1.3-1.5m into 3-150mm;
  • Compared with other crushing machines, this hammer crusher is economical. It has small capacity matched motor and this will largely reduce the operation costs;
  • It can produce good shape end product and the powdery material is no more than 20%.

How Does This Crusher Machine Work?

The client from Zambia has bought our hammer crusher machine used in the mineral ore processing line. After this, he also consults us how does this machine work and our professional workers explain this to him to help learning better of the hammer crusher machine:

The motor will drive the rotor to rotate at a high speed through the belt. When the materials get into the hammers working area, the rotating hammers will crush them with high rotation speed. When the crushed materials meet the required size and it will be discharged from the working machine; or the undesired ones will be taken to the crushing area for further production.

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