60tph Sand Making Machine in Tanzania


Sand making machine will be used to process the raw rock materials into smaller or particles used as artificial sand. It is also called as the VSI crusher machine in SBM. To meet different clients¡¯ needs, the sand making machine has 60tph, 80tph, 120tph, 150tph, 200tph and so on. Through the online workers, you can get the related price information.

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Why Is Sand Making Machine Widely Used In Tanzania?

Recent years, the infrastructure construction in Tanzania develops rapidly. In this process, it will need lots of sand to be used in buildings. There are fewer rivers in Tanzania and the related river sand is also less. It needs to have the other ways to get the construction used materials. In this situation, the artificial sand making industry develops. In artificial sand production line, it only needs the rock materials and the sand making machine will crush and grind the raw materials into smaller size or particles.

To meet artificial sand production line needs, SBM has developed and produced the sand making machine to help local clients get artificial sand in Tanzania. It will be very environment and economic for building industry.

VSI Crusher Machine for Sale with 60tph:

The sand making machine from SBM is called as the VSI crusher machine. Depending on different customers¡¯ production needs, the capacity can meet almost clients¡¯ needs: 60tph, 100tph, 120tph, 150tph, 200tph and so on.

The 60tph VSI crusher machine from SBM adopts international advanced technology and it is in leading position in the world. Depending on the actual production experience, this crusher machine can work for 720 hours continuously. This machine has three kinds of feeding methods and it also has different working ways. It is very convenient for clients: material hit material; material hit iron, totally central feeding. You can choose any of them as your specific production needs.

How to Get the Price of Sand Making Machine?

Are you interested in our sand making machine? You can directly talk to our online workers to get detailed information. SBM has over 20 years¡¯ production and selling experience and our machines have been used in Tanzania, Kenya, India, Indonesia and other countries. Our machines have got the international certificate and you can trust SBM.

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