Impact Fine Crusher Sale in South Africa


The impact fine crusher for sale is the important machine in South Africa infrastructure construction industry. In the actual production line, this impact fine crusher machine has helped local clients¡¯ process lots of desired stone particles. As a supplier of impact fine crusher machine, SBM can provide you the advanced machine with low price.

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Impact Fine Crusher Used In South Africa Infrastructure Construction:

Used in South Africa infrastructure construction, the impact fine crusher machine has high crushing efficiency and unique structure. There is no-board connection. In the actual production line, its final products will be cubical shape and the discharging size will be adjusted depending on the actual production line. Used in South Africa, the impact crusher machine has 400*1080mm feeding opening size and the max feeding size will be 350mm and the capacity will be 120tph.

What's The Structure of Impact Fine Crusher Machine?

As a professional supplier of crusher machine, SBM can provide the different models for clients. Of them, the PF1210 can be used as 50-100tph crusher machine in local infrastructure construction. In general, the impact crusher machine includes the following parts: rear case, impact plate, impact rack, scale board, feed opening, chassis, blow bar and rotor.

Wear Parts Of Impact Fine Crusher Machine:

As we all know, the stone crusher machine¡¯ service is decided by its wear parts. So is the impact crusher machine. Widely used in South Arica infrastructure construction industry, the impact crusher machine plays great role and it is very necessary to know the wear parts of impact crusher machine.

Its main wear parts include the blow bar, impact plate and slide scale board. Depending on the test, we find that the blow bar is made of high chromium cast iron and it can work for 1 month. Made with high manganese steel, the impact plate can work for 2 months. Besides, the slide scale board is made of high manganese steel and it has longer service life with 3 months. All of these are theoretic and the actual situation is decided by the real production line.

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