Belt Conveyor Supplier in South Africa


Belt conveyor is the vital transporting machine in mineral processing line. It consists of standard parts and they have advantages of large transfer quantity, simple structure and standard parts, easy maintenance. As a supplier of belt conveyor, SBM can provide the advanced machines for South Africa and worldwide clients.

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Application of Belt Conveyor:

The belt conveyor is widely used in taking lump materials or manufactured products in mining, building, metallurgical industries and other sectors. It can help save much manpower in the actual production line. It is an important auxiliary machine for mining industry. This machine is suitable for transfer materials. Depending on the different technical requirement, the belt conveyor can be used as singly or with other transferring equipment.

Belt conveyor can be used in the following temperature environment: -20¡æ and 40¡æ , and the temperature of the materials should be under 50¡æ. Its length is not limited to the data in the table and it can be adjusted base on the specific production line.

Working Features of Belt Conveyor:

The efficient belt conveyor from SBM used in mineral ore production line has high carrying capacity and the length is customized. This machine is easy to operate and maintain. Besides this, the belt conveyor from SBM has different models for choice to meet clients¡¯ production needs. Their anti-skidding designs ensure that it can work well even in all kind of environment.

Belt Conveyor Supplier in South Africa:

Today, there are more and more clients in South Africa invest mining project want to invest lower cost and get more profits from these mining plants. It is very important to choose the suitable machines. Belt conveyor is one of these machines. As the supplier of belt conveyor machine, SBM can provide the first class belt conveyor with reasonable price for your mineral ore processing line.

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