Primary And Secondary Crusher


Jaw crusher machine is the main machine used in stone processing line. Its structure is simple to operate and its price is reasonable for most clients. In Nigeria, this jaw crusher machine is welcomed by local clients for its high efficient and low cost. You can get desired jaw crusher machine from SBM in China.

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Jaw Crusher Machine Used In Nigeria:

Used as the primary crushing machine, jaw crusher machine will break the raw materials into desired particles. Nigeria is the main customer for SBM. There are lots of mining operators who have order the jaw crusher machine from SBM to be used in local mineral ore production line.

The jaw crusher machine from SBM used in Nigeria can be divided into different models, such as PE series jaw crusher, PEW series jaw crusher, HJ series jaw crusher and so on. Of them, the PEW series aw crusher can be called as the European style crusher machine and it adopts international advanced technology. It is popular and welcomed by worldwide clients.

Stone Jaw Crusher Machine Structure:

The stone jaw crusher machine is composed with frame, the rotation part of the eccentric bearing, the working part of the crushing cavity, the safety unit and the adjustment device of the discharging opening and so on. This structure is simple for clients to operate.

Efficient Jaw Crusher Machine Cost:

The high efficient jaw crusher machine from SBM will be sold with reasonable cost and advanced technology. This machine has world-leading technology and its main parts are made with high-tech materials. Its integrated cast steel structured axle bearing housing can guarantee to be perfectly cooperating with the crushing frame. It can enhance the intensity of the axle bearing.

The efficient PEW series jaw crusher machine is equipped with wedge adjustment device and it is simpler, safe and faster than the other machines. It crushing cavity is the summarized structure ¡°V¡± and this will make the actual feed mouth width equal to the set width of the feeding opening. You can get desired information from SBM through the online workers. Please feel free to talk to us.

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