Feldspar Grinding Mill in Nigeria


Ball mill is generally used in mineral ore grinding line and it can be used for wet or dry milling process. With reliable operation, replacing grinding medium easily, this ball mill machine is widely used in Nigeria feldspar. It has simple structure and is easy to control. You can trust our ball mill machine for its high capacity and low energy consumption.

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Feldspar Characteristics and Application:

The hardness of feldspar is between 6-6.5 and its proportion is between 2-2.5. It has high compressive strength and strong chemical stability of acid. It is the raw material for ceramics and glass industry. Feldspar powder can be used as gem for its beautiful color and demitint. Feldspar is a kind of aluminum silicate minerals containing calcium, sodium, potassium. It has a lot of kinds, such as barium calcium feldspar, sodium feldspar, feldspar, feldspar, barium ice microcline, orthoclase, feldspar, etc.

Feldspar Ball Mill Used In Nigeria:

Feldspar is one of the widely seen materials in Nigeria. To process the feldspar material, the ball mill machine is necessary. Ball mill machine is a kind of grinding mill for processing both dry and wet materials. This kind of grinding machine is based on SBM¡¯s production experience and the international advanced technology. Used in Nigeria feldspar processing line, this ball mill machine has got high reputation from clients and it has brought high profits for customers.

How to Choose the Suitable Ball Mill Supplier and Machine?

For feldspar processing operators, it is very important to choose the suitable ball mill machine and the supplier. As a professional mineral ore milling machine manufacturer, SBM will recommend the following tips for your choice of feldspar ball mill machine.

You should have a good recognition of your feldspar milling capacity. When you choose the ball mill machine, its capacity should be higher than your desired one. Before you order one grinding mill, you need to have the grinding test. You can choose the ball mill machine depending on the processed material hardness and characteristics. Choose the low energy consumption ball mill will help you save operation costs.

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