Small Portable Concrete Crusher


As the basic material in building industry, the concrete plays great role. With the development of construction industry in Kenya, it will need a lot of concrete. This will bring the concrete crusher machine development. SBM can provide advanced and high efficient concrete crushers for sale in Kenya to solve the stone breaking problems.

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Concrete Is In Urgent Need in Kenya:

With the road development in Kenya, it needs lots of aggregate and concrete materials as the important basic construction raw material. Recent years, Africa development develops rapidly. Lots of units are helping build road or railway in Kenya. It will need a large number of concrete materials.

Crushers Used In Kenya Concrete Production Line:

In Kenya concrete production line, the jaw crusher is used as the coarse crushing machine. The secondary crushing process will be realized by impact crusher machine. The final products will have large output and high quality. When the vibrating feeder and vibrating screen works, they will remove the dirt and impurity at the same time. The screening machine will adopt the vibrating screen. The dust removal adopts the impulse type dust catcher and vibrating screen combined with spray equipment. It can effectively control the dust pollution. At the same time of dust, the spray equipment will be finished product clean.

All the crusher machines used in concrete production line are produced with high advanced technology in the world and you can get all-around service for worldwide clients.

Concrete Crusher Working Performance:

Concrete crusher machine used in the production line has the following working performance:

  • It can handle the hard rock materials no greater than 60-800mm and 80% product size is less than 30mm;
  • Concrete crusher machine has large crushing ratio and high crushing efficiency. It is easy to maintain and take low operation costs;
  • The product is cube and it is the high grade highway pavement and the first choice of hydropower industry in aggregate production line.

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