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Concrete is the basic material for building industry. With the basic construction industry development in Kenya, the concrete is in urgent need. In this situation, the concrete crushing machines will play great role. SBM jaw crusher machine has been used in Kenya for processing concrete raw materials with excellent crushing ratio and reasonable price.

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Which Kind Of Crushing Machine Is Suitable For Concrete?

There are several kinds of crushing machines for your choice in concrete processing line. The most suitable one is the jaw crusher machine. It is widely used for the simple structure and high crushing efficient. It has large crushing ratio and uniform final products size. With low energy consumption, this machine is also easy to maintain.

Concrete Jaw Crusher for Sale in Kenya:

Jaw crusher for sale used in Kenya concrete processing line can help save 15-30% energy. The concrete jaw crusher machine has deep crushing cavity and it can improve the feeding capacity and output. Its crushing ratio is large and it can get uniform final products. With lubrication system, this machine is easy to change the wear parts and it is easy to maintain. With wide discharging size, this machine can meet different clients¡¯ production needs.

Wear Parts Of Concrete Jaw Crusher:

The jaw crusher machine for sale used in Kenya concrete processing line has different types and its dividing standard is the feeding port size. If the feeding size is less than 300mm and it will need the small scale jaw crusher machine. If the size is 300-600mm, the machine belongs to the medium scale jaw crusher machine. The large scale one is more than 600mm.

The wear parts of concrete jaw crusher machine decide the service life. When you choose the jaw crusher machine, it needs to consider the wear parts materials and working lifetime. In general, the concrete jaw crusher machine wear parts include: bracket, side plate, the fixed jaw, jaw plate, springs, bearings, triangle, and knee pad.

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