Zircon Grinding Mill Price in india


SBM can provide the advanced mining grinding machines for mineral ore processing line depending on the specific production requirements. In india , the zircon processing site is easy to be found and the vertical grinding mill is easy to be found in this line. It is widely used for its final products size, first class technology and reasonable price.

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Industrial Application of Zircon:

It is the raw mineral material to extract Zr and Hf. It is usually used as refractory material, sand material, ceramic raw material and gem raw material. Zircon is extremely resistant to high temperature and the melting point is of 2750. It is corrosion and acid proof. 80% zircon is directly used in foundry industry, glass and refractory materials. Some of them will be used for ferroalloy, medicine, paint, leather, abrasive, chemical and nuclear industry. A tiny amount of zircon is used for smelting metal zirconium.

LM Vertical Grinding Mill for Processing Zircon:

To process the zircon in india , it will need a series of zircon processing machines, such as the crusher machine, grinding machine and auxiliary equipment. The zircon processing grinding mill from SBM used in india will be the vertical grinding mill. This grinding mill is produced based on the world-advanced technology and it has self-owned intellectual property right.

The LM vertical grinding mill machine used in zircon processing line consists of classifier, roller, pressure device, hydraulic device and transmission arm. The deceleration machine, motor, shell body, separator is with high efficiency and power saving classifier device. Roller is the main part to grind the materials into powder size.

Zircon Grinding Mill Price in india :

The zircon grinding mill machine used in india from SBM has good performance and high quality. It will produce low noise and is friend for the environment. Besides the LM vertical grinding mill machine excellent performance, its operation and sale price are also reasonable for clients. If you are interested in our efficient zircon grinding mill, you can directly contact to SBM to get the desired information.

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