Black Powder Magnetic Separators


With wide application and distribution, magnetite ore has high economic value. In Black Powder Magnetic Separators, the crusher and grinding mill will get the raw materials into smaller size and magnetic separation machine will separate the undesired non-magnetite materials from the final products with high efficient.

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Brief Introduction of Magnetite Ore:

Magnetite ore is a kind of black metal and it has strong magnetic character. With iron ore content, this magnetite ore will be mined and processed to get iron ore materials. It is brittle and the hardness is 5.5-6 and its relative density is 4.9-5.2. It has wide application, such as in Brazil, China, Australia, America and Russia and so on.

Magnetite Ore Magnetic Separator for Sale:

Magnetite ore materials are generally processed into smaller size and then be separated with the magnetic separator. The whole production process is the following: break or crush raw materials into smaller size, with the function of grinding mill, it will get the powder materials. With separator, it can get the purity final products. SBM can provide all of these machines for sale.

At the beginning of Black Powder Magnetic Separators, the raw magnetite ore materials will be taken into the crusher machine to be processed into smaller size. Then entering into the grinding mill, the mill machine will grind the magnetite particles into powder size. The next step will be the separator. When the magnetic separator works, the magnetite ore materials will be fed into the separation area and magnetic, non-magnetic mineral can be separated. This separator machine has simple flow, large capacity and high recovery ratio, low operation costs. Besides used in the magnetite processing line, this magnetic separator will also be used in other materials mining plant.

How to Guarantee the High Efficiency of Magnetic Separator?

Magnetic separator is the important to separate the magnetic materials with non-magnetic materials. It is very important to guarantee the efficiency of magnetic separator. In the working process, it needs to solve the following problems: the over grinding and magnetic materials gather. As we all know, the magnetic characteristics is opposite with the magnetite powder fineness. In the separation process, it needs the larger magnetic force to avoid the powder be washed away by the water.

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