Used Mobile Jaw Crusher


To process the construction waste will need the mobile crushers¡¯ plant. The main content of construction waste is the scrap concrete and the recycling process refers to the eliminating process, crushing, screening and so on. SBM, the supplier, can provide all the machines for sale to process construction waste materials.

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Necessity of Used Mobile Jaw Crusher:

With the development of modern construction, the construction industry develops rapidly. There are lots of buildings taken down. To solve this problem, it needs to process the construction waste materials into useful ones.

Compose Of Construction Waste Processing Plant:

SBM experts introduce the following mobile crushing line for you all and we do wish it will be helpful for your construction waste processing site:

Vibrating Feeder:

In construction waste processing line, the crushing work is continuously and the feeding is interrupted. If you feed the materials directly, it will have impact for the crusher working device and make its structure in non-uniform stress. It is easy to damage the crusher machine and it needs to add a vibrating feeder before the crusher machine.


Crusher machine is the core part of the whole mobile crushing plant. The construction waste materials can be crushed directly. To guarantee the performance of aggregate, it needs to guarantee the crushed materials size and particles. It needs to reduce the content of flake and uniform particles. It has high quality for crusher machine crushing capacity and efficiency.

Screening System:

To guarantee the quality of crushed materials, it needs to add the screening system to separate the undesired materials to have the secondary crushing. The larger ones will be taken to the crusher machine to be crushed again to guarantee the construction waste crushing quality.

Travelling Mechanism:

In general, there are two types of mobile crushing plant for construction waste materials: the crawler-type and rubber-tyred. The first one can move freely from one working site to the next one. In the moving period, it can adjust the equipment location and it does not need other hauling equipment. The latter one is very convenient to move on the road and it can move into the working site fast. The vehicular motor can provide the continuously energy.

Debris Sorting Device:

There are lots of debris involved in the construction waste, such as scrap iron, glass and wood etc. especially the scrap iron. It needs to equip a debris sorting device on the mobile crushing plant ¨Cthe de-ironing separator to eliminate the influence of the debris.

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