Vertical Roller Mill

Vertical roller mill is mainly used in steel mills in thermal power plant, cement factory of pulverized coal preparation and coal gangue yield powder production; special power plant desulfurization limestone milling; non metallic mineral industry of hardness of hundreds of massive ore powder production preparation; special steel slag and blast furnace slag, power plant slag and fly ash grinding; special glass fiber industry quartz, pyrophyllite powder of high yield and high fineness of grinding; a variety of chemical raw materials for special chemical industry production powder production.

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Vertical roller mill repair operation is simple:

  • Rare lubrication station equipment, roller bearing with thin oil lubrication to ensure bearing working under the low temperature and the oil clean conditions, prolongs the service life, continuous and reliable operation of system equipment operation.
  • Equipped with automatic control device, can realize remote control, easy to operate.
  • Equipment to prevent the roller and the grinding disc lining board in direct contact with the position limit mechanism, to avoid friction and collision between the metal and the destruction of violent vibration, an increase of safety.
  • Unique hydraulic station system, through the maintenance of oil cylinder, flip the arm, with automatic lift roller, roller function, can achieve no-load start. With the help of double roller device, the grinding roller grinding roller, pulls, liner in a very short period of time will be able to replace and repair. In addition, the operating pressure of the hydraulic system is low, which can reduce the failure rate of the oil leakage, which is beneficial to the operation and management. At the same time, the hydraulic system has increased the pressure balance device, which can effectively reduce the vibration of the mill.
  • The vertical roller mill adopts hot air conveying material, and can control the air temperature when the water is large, so that the product can meet the requirements of the final water. In the vertical roller mill can be dried into the ground water up to 15% of the material, wide range of applications. Even dry milling, it can only be dried moisture content for 3-4%.
  • For the material in the vertical milling machine in time is only 2 ~ 3 minutes, while in ball mill is 15 ~ 20 minutes. So the chemical composition and fineness of the vertical roller mill products can be quickly determined and corrected, and the quality is stable.
  • Vertical mill in grinding roller and the grinding disc is not in direct contact, no ball mill steel ball bumping into each other, the ball hit lining plate of metal impact sound, so the noise is small, than in a ball mill low 20 ~ 25 dB. In addition, the vertical roller mill uses the whole sealing system, the system under negative pressure operation, no dust, the environment is clean.

Application of vertical roller mill

Vertical roller mill is mainly composed of a separator, grinding roller device, the grinding disc device, pressure device, a speed reducer, a motor, a casing, etc., part of the composition. Separator is to determine the granularity of abrasive products is an important part of, it by the speed of the rotating device, rotor, guide vane, a shell, a coarse powder Fall cone material hopper, tuyere and so on, is a kind of high efficiency, energy saving, high-efficient powder selecting device. Grinding roller is a part of crushing the material. It was packed in mill arms, under the action of external force, pressed in the lap of the material, in the disc drive, grinding and rotates, so that the material is compacted and crushing.

Vertical roller mill set crushing, drying, grinding, powder, conveying into a whole, which covers an area of small, simple process, low energy consumption, low noise, high drying capacity, product fineness easy adjustment, no dust pollution and maintenance convenient, reliable operation, vertical roller mill has the highest efficiency and other characteristics. It is widely used in metallurgy, electric power, cement, chemical industry, ceramic, non metal mine, power plant desulfurization, water slag, slag, slag, coal, cement clinker, glass, quartz, limestone and so on industry of large-scale material grinding and superfine grinding processing. Especially in the large grinding process, the main technical and economic indicators to meet the needs of customers, the international advanced level.

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