Quarry Crusher

Quarry Crusher is a new high-efficiency crushing equipment, SBM combined with the sand and gravel mining industry specific conditions of practice developed by the latest generation quarry crusher. Using the latest manufacturing technology, the unique structural design from a new generation crusher, processed products were cubes, no tension and cracks, grain shape is quite good.

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Quarry Crusher Features follows

  • simple structure
  • low prices
  • Broken grain shape is good
  • in favor of the separation of mineral monomers, especially embedded in minerals, such as tungsten ore, etc.
  • adaptive great. This Quarry crusher can crush brittle, fibrous and less in hard ore, limestone and other brittle particularly suitable for crushing ore.
  • The devices are small, light weight, easy to manufacture, easy maintenance.

Quarry Crusher Works

This Quarry Crusher machine is a use of impact energy to crush materials broken machinery. When the material into the plate hammer area, subject to board the high-speed impact hammer and broken, and was thrown back device mounted on top of the broken rotor again, and then from the back liner plate hammer area bounced back again broken.

This process is repeated until the material to be crushed to the desired particle size, is discharged from the bottom of the machine so far. Gap adjustment between the impact rack and rotor frame can change the material size and material to achieve the purpose of shape. The Quarry Crusher machine in the back plate with spring safety device, when the non-broken material into the crushing chamber, front counter frame backward, non-broken material discharged from the machine.

quarry crusher

Quarry Crusher used in Granite production line

However, before establishing a full granite crusher production line, the user line configuration needs to be considered on stone hardness, yield requirements and for stone grain shape requirements, etc., for the bluestone, limestone, the hardness is small and brittle, crushing such materials, selection of crushing equipment, Quarry Crusher is the best choice.

For Mohs hardness to the hardness of 7 is considered a big rock, especially granite, basalt stone, it must use high-iron, and because of the high iron material crusher has flexibility, high degree of wear than the high manganese steel more, so save manpower save time, save money, such devices have cone crusher and impact crusher and so on. Under normal circumstances in granite crushing using jaw quarry crusher for first crushing , with the crusher crushing second channel through vibrating sieve out the specifications of different stones. Using a jaw quarry crusher and impact crusher crushing effect on the efficiency and better quality than the other broken programs.

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