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As one of the famous jaw crusher machine company, SBM engaged in the jaw crusher production and sales has a long history, combined with previous experience in the production of jaw crusher and the development of a new generation of jaw crusher can be used in sand production line, crushing production line, flour production line, mineral production line and other production lines.

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The jaw crusher main structure

Jaw crusher main frame section, part of the eccentric shaft, crushing chamber working part, safety device, the nesting population adjustment device and other components.

  • rack parts: the side panels, the front box assembly, rear box weldment and other components.
  • the eccentric shaft parts: the main by moving jaw, eccentric shaft, bearings, housings, pulleys and other components. Is the major part of the power transmission.
  • crushing chamber working part: mainly by the fixed jaw plate, movable jaw plate, side liners, sheeting, etc., are broken material working parts.
  • the safety device: the bracket, bracket base, spring, spring rod and other components, brackets are crusher plays the role of insurance in the non-normal parts.
  • the nesting population adjustment device: This device is used to adjust the size of the nesting population size, control the expected size. Mainly by adjusting the ramp, the top wire bolts (or auxiliary hydraulic cylinder), the locking lever and other components.

jaw crusher

jaw crusher Works

This series jaw crusher is moving extrusion type, its working principle is: motor-driven belt and pulley, through the eccentric shaft to move the jaw back and forth up and down when moving jaw pushing movable jaw plate to the fixed jaw plate movement, the material is crushed or split pieces. When the effect of moving jaw and movable jaw plate in the eccentric shaft, springs back, the previously been crushed or split pieces of material from the lower jaw of discharge discharge port. With the motor continuously rotating and jaw crusher for crushing and waste material periodically, to achieve mass production.

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To provide the most reasonable solution, keep costs to a minimum, has always been our goal. Let each power consumption, wear resistant parts, engineering machinery output, are artificially create the greatest economic benefit.

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I used jaw crusher, I am very satisfied. It is not only a high degree of automation, production, and took appropriate dust treatment, the most important thing is to let me gain a higher economic returns, thanks SBM.

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