Impact Crusher

Imapct crusher is our company in the absorption of domestic and foreign advanced technology, combined with the specific conditions of domestic sand industry and the development of a new type of counterattack crusher. It uses the latest manufacturing technology and unique structure design, finished processing a cube, no tension and cracks, grain shape is quite good, can be broken down into the material particle size of not more than 500mm, compressive strength is not more than 350Mph of all kinds of the coarse, medium and fine materials (granite, limestone, concrete, etc.), widely used in all kinds of ore crushing, railways, highways, energy, cement, chemical, construction and other industries. The size of its discharging grain size can be adjusted, and the size of the broken specification is varied.

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Performance characteristics of impact crusher:

  • Impact crusher is easy to install, greatly improving the degree of freedom of the equipment.
  • Double gap technology. After the hammer wear and tear, adjusting the hammer head position, ensure the hammer and lining clearance between the plate and the particle size will be to ensure the.
  • Efficient counterattack crusher product particle type is outstanding, a cube, flakiness content is extremely low, suitable for the shaping of aggregate, artificial sand and high grade highway specifications stone production; bulk density, iron pollution is minimal.
  • Broken full function, high productivity, small mechanical wear, high comprehensive benefit.
  • High impact crusher reinforcing structure, with type reinforcement plate, ensure the body strong.
  • The structure is simple and reasonable, the operation cost is low.
  • Configuration to the oil distribution pump, one step operation, multi - oil.
  • High impact crusher has the advantages of convenient installation, easy operation, light equipment weight, installation is diversiform, mobile installation, installation, repair and maintenance simple, convenient operation and use; once clear and specific uses only minor adjustments, to maximize play its excellent performance.

Advantages and working process of impact crusher

Impact crusher can deal with the grain size is not greater than 500 mm, the compressive strength of the material is not more than 360 MPa, with the characteristics of large crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency, easy maintenance, etc.. The types of counterattack crusher suitable for a variety of soft and hard ore crushing and fine crushing work, such as limestone, feldspar, calcite, talc, coal gangue and other

Impact crusher into the work instruction, power is connected, the motor begins to accelerate the rotation, and through the triangle belt drive rotor rotation. After 10 minutes, the stone through the conveyor belt, feed port into the crushing cavity, by high-speed rotation of the rotor plate hammer impact, in accordance with the collision theory design of rotor can make less than 300mPa stone broken into small pieces, coupled with them after the collision and back to back plate lining boards, collisions and stone, much of the stone should be in efficient counter attack type crushing machine pf impact crusher machine the cavity will be smashed to pieces.

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