Cone Crusher

Cone crusher is our company in the introduction and absorption of advanced technologies at home and abroad on the basis, according to the needs of customers, based on laminating crushing principle and more crushing and less grinding concept design and development of a high oscillation frequency, optimization and reasonable stroke cavity in one of the modern high performance spring cone crusher. The machine has unique advantages make it can not only gravel, but also make sand to a certain extent, truly anti wear and discharging fine perfect combination, is one of in today's large-scale stone material factory and mining crushing of the ideal equipment.

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Performance characteristics of cone crusher:

This series of cone crusher is generally engaged in second or third stage of the broken, especially for medium hardness above the material is more obvious effect of breaking. The machine not only big crushing ratio, but also has the processing capacity, low operation cost, high work efficiency, convenient adjustment, etc. advantage, practice has proved, CS series, cone crusher with its excellent performance, reliable quality and high price to win the trust of customers around the world, it is traditional taper crushing machine ideal alternative products.

  • Crushing cavity: broken cone cavity is divided into three different design, the user can according to the site selection high crushing efficiency, uniform product size, grain shape, rolling mortar wall wear uniform and long life of the crushing chamber.
  • Dry oil seal and dust: cone is broken by the unique dust seal structure, sealing effect is reliable, the effective extension of the replacement cycle of oil and parts of the service life.
  • Support for large crushing force: the selection of special materials for the selection of key parts of the cone. Each stroke of crushing cone left to a distance of the rolling mortar wall, which not only allows more material into the crushing chamber, and the formation of larger row material volume, the material through the crushing cavity of the speed.
  • High output: compared with other models, the cone is broken, the broken wall is long, the stroke is big, the crushing force is big, the material in the crushing cavity can be more effectively broken.
  • The day-to-day operation of the maintenance cost is low: parts material selection and structure design is reasonable, use long life, broken wall force and reduced the sliding bearing, gear and rack load, crushing product of uniform intensity, reducing the load cycle, hydraulic cavity clearing system is easy to operate, reduce the time to stop the machine, low power consumption, a reasonable distribution.

Components and working process of cone crusher

Cone crusher mainly consists of a frame, a fixed cone assembly, moving cone assembly, spring mechanism, bowl type shaft bracket part and a transmission part. The aided in part by the electrical system, dilute oil lubrication system, and hydraulic cavity clearing system, fixed cone assembly is mainly composed of adjusting sleeve, a rolling mortar wall, dynamic cone assembly is mainly comprises a main shaft, a movable cone, crushing wall composition, transmission part mainly by large belt wheel, transmission shaft, bevel gear, bevel gear and other components.

Cone crusher is working, by the motor through the triangle belt, a big belt wheel, transmission shaft, bevel gear, bevel gear drives the rotation of the eccentric sleeve, crushing cone axis line in the eccentric sleeve of forced to move under the rotation of the swing, the broken wall surface sometimes near and sometimes from the surface of the rolling mortar wall, so that the material in crushing fixed cone and cone annular cavity continue to impact and extrusion and bending and crushing. After many times of extrusion, impact and bending, the material is broken to the requirements of granularity, the lower part of the discharge.

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